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Virtual Office Benefits

To have a virtual office is to have the best of both worlds, It offers you instant legitimacy with your partners, your clients without being tethered to a physical building. In a traditional office, you’re paying for everything—the lease, the power bill, the heating, the internet, the phone and fax lines, the furniture. But with virtual offices, you only pay a usage fee (for the space you need) which is the main reason virtual offices are quickly becoming a viable alternative. Not only do virtual offices provide top of the line customer service but I will work with you personally to make sure our virtual office services are the right fit for you

If you need a commercial address in Las Vegas, Nevada, look no further than the incredible virtual office services available here at The Virtual Office. I am proud to provide the virtual office services that businesses in my community depend on, and I strive to exceed all expectations with my mail forwarding and other services.


Whether you are trying to give your company a spiffy new identity to raise your notoriety, or you simply need a (physical space in Las Vegas, Las Vegas NV) Las Vegas address to represent your company’s home, The Virtual Office has got you covered.

The Virtual Office provides basic Virtual Office services at an affordable price. These services include:

  • Use (use) of our commercial address
  • Posting any business related license that you have in our office
  • Receiving and forwarding mail to you (for your company) per your preference
  • A private individual suite number is available for $45.00 per month.

Our agreement is month to month. The agreement requires a one month notification given by either party to cancel services.

Attached is a copy of our agreement. Please take a look at The Virtual Office Agreement to see if it suits your needs. You can call or email 7 days a week, for answers to questions you may have.

The Virtual Office Agreement as a Word Document will be sent to you upon request. You can print the agreement, fill it out and sent it to to start your service immediately.

I appreciate the opportunity and hope to have you as a client of The Virtual Office.

We will collect mail at our commercial Las Vegas address and sent it to you under any name you want. Mail will be forwarded to you by regular mail, scanned and emailed or can be picked up in person per your directions.

This service is $45.00 per month using your personalized Suite no.


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